New FarCry 4.0 Site Launched

Without further ado I am finally able to show the new website for Lowell General Hospital in Lowell Massachusetts ( outside of Boston.

As the title suggests this site is using FarCry 4.0 (beta).

The website technically has been in development for almost two years, however the majority of that time has been content gathering and multiple meetings (it's quite a content-heavy site). The ColdFusion coding portion started in the beginning of December 2006 and launched February 12, 2007 (just over two months).

Unfortunately the site was rushed (it was originally scheduled to be a 6-month development project) so there are a few quirks here and there that we're working out last-minute, but overall I am very pleased with the final result. And FarCry 4.0 made it possible.

I didn't get here alone. Many people know that during the past 2+ months I've been working on this site pretty much 8am to 5am (including weekends... and yes I worked the holidays as well). A few people I'd like to thank are:

  • Mat Bryant (the brains behind most of the new features in FarCry 4 and who put up with my constant daily/evening/night owl questions)
  • Stephen Moretti (while the both of us continue to learn and feed off each other's ideas for FarCry 4)
  • The content team/editors at LGH (thanks for bearing with me as I broke the site code several times during development)
  • My family (who had a running joke about "Rare Jeff Sightings" because I was locked away in my office most of the time)
  • And many others.

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dc's Gravatar Absolutely fantastic looking site. I've played about with the basics of Farcry but your example here gives me great courage to delve in more after seeing such a great implementation of it!
#1 by dc | 2/13/07 6:07 AM
Stephen Moretti's Gravatar Nice one Jeff!

Congrats on the launch! Its looking really good!
#2 by Stephen Moretti | 2/13/07 7:51 AM
Sophek Tounn's Gravatar Great site,

I used to live in Lowell, and been to LGH many times, good to see LGH is representing Coldfusion.

#3 by Sophek Tounn | 2/13/07 12:48 PM
Mat Bryant's Gravatar Congratulations Jeff, the site looks fantastic.. and thank you for all YOUR help.
#4 by Mat Bryant | 2/13/07 2:05 PM

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