FarCry Solr Pro Plugin

We've launched a new FarCry plugin called FarCry Solr Pro. It's got a ton of features (too many to list here).

Go checkout the plugin's website for more info and download links:

Special thanks to the private beta testers over the past month.

Dev team includes:
Sean Coyne and Jeff Coughlin

Minimum requirements are:

  • ColdFusion 9, Railo 3.3
  • FarCry 6.2, 6.1.4, 6.0.19
  • Solr 3.5 (optionally included)

FarCry: Bulk Image Resize Script

Last week I finished writing a bulk image re-size script for a client of mine. It went through several revisions before finalizing on the version you can now download. Because I found it so useful I decided to release it to the public.

The script can be used for several reasons, but here are a few examples:

  • You've added new image fields (and sizes) to an existing content type with existing images.
  • You've decided to resize an existing image field.
  • You want to use a new image compiler on all existing images.

Although I've only tested the script in FarCry 5.1+, it should work in FarCry 4.x (but no promises :) ).

To download the script, please use the download link associated with this blog post (for RSS readers, refer to the enclosure file) use the download links below.

Here is a quick video tutorial where I show a couple examples of the script in use.

Update: I updated the script to better support FarCry 6. See download links below.
Download v1.0.1 (for FarCry 6.x)
Download v1.0.0 (for FarCry 4.x and FarCry 5.x)

Will FarCry Change its Open Source License (CPL) to a Dual License Model with GPLv3?

There has been a lot of buzz this week when Daemon announced they were thinking of changing their open source license model from Common Public License 1.0 (CPL) to a dual license with the GNU GPL License v3 (GPL).

I sat with Geoff Bowers, President and CEO of Daemon Internet Consultants, to ask him why they were thinking of changing to a dual license model.

Check out the article on Fusion Authority and see what all the buzz is about.

New FarCry Plugin: jcFarcryFlvPlayer

The jcFarcryFlvPlayer plugin for FarCry gives you a flash-based video player for your website.

The plugin takes advantage of the JW FLV Media Player (a flash-based audio/video player) to offer your website/web-application users playback of your video and audio content (FLV, MP3, H264, SWF, JPG, PNG and GIF).


Listing Page (teasers)

Example screenshot taken from:

Video Player/Details Page

Example screenshot taken from:

I wrote the original version of this code about a year ago for another client. As more clients needed the feature (I'm now using it on 3 different FarCry websites) the need for converting it to a reusable plugin was evident. I finished the plugin for mass consumption by January, but never got around to releasing it (due to inadequate documentation :) ).

There are two version of the plugin (v1.0.x for FarCry 4, and v1.1.x for FarCry 5). Both currently have the same functionality (they are just designed for different versions of FarCry).

Find more information and detailed documentation on the docs/wiki page.

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