Geoff Bowers is Taming the Client (Breezo/Adobe Connect)

Tonight, make sure and catch a breezo/Adobe Connect presentation from Geoff Bowers on "Taming the Client".

Wireframes, mockups, prototypes, methodology madness and more. Managing large web projects is a mixed bag of new technology, high flying expectations and compromises. Geoff tells tales from the trench, client war stories; things that work and things that don't. Good fodder for your project swiss army knife.

Geoff will be presenting for the Hartford CT CFUG/AUG and all are invited to attend. The presentation will also be recorded for later viewing (but you wont be able to get your questions in if you're not there :) ).

SeeFusion 4.0 Breezo with Patrick Quinn

At our last CFUG meeting (Hartford CT Adobe User Group) we had Patrick Quinn from Webapper give us a great breezo on SeeFusion 4.0.

Go check out the recording and see what all the hype is about

Farcry Presentation at the Hartford CFUG

Please join me on May 19, 2005 at the Hartford ColdFusion User Group where I will be giving a presentation on the ColdFusion open source CMS product Farcry.

I will be demonstrating some of its main features, where you can find it, and how simple it is to install and configure within minutes. Out-of-the-box it’s ready to start demonstrating itself as a fully function content management system for content-rich websites.

I will also show how easy it is to extend the core product to include some of your existing website applications so that developers will see that they don't have to give up their existing ColdFusion applications and databases in order to move their site over to a Farcry website.

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