ColdFusion Weekly And My Interview on FarCry 3.0

From left to right is Matt Woodward, Peter Farrell, and Jeff Coughlin
The ColdFusion Weekly podcast aired for the first time last week and so far it has been a hit. This week in episode 2 (or version 1.1 as it's called on their site) has a lot of great topics and discussions as the podcast develops into a great listening experience for ColdFusion developers. My interview was conducted at the ColdFusion conference CF.Objective() (see photo to the right) and the topic of our discussion revolved around the presentation I was giving on FarCry 3.0.

Make sure to download the podcast and check it out. You can find more details are on their website as well as links to many feeds for different podcast players (such as iTunes).

Later this morning I will release my presentation slides from the conference as well as a video representation of the session called FarCry 3.0 - An Overview. It will be a Part 1 of a four-part series aimed at developers looking into FarCry as a possible soltion for content management. Keep an eye out for that soon.

My Interview on CFWeekly Will Instead Air Next Week

Just a slight change in plans. Matt and Peter from CFWeekly were able to interview the conference coordinator of CF.Objective (Jared Rypka-Hauer) this week and thus will be airing that interview for episode one. They plan to then air the followup interviews (such as mine) relating to the conference thereafter.

So stay tuned (okay, bad joke :)).

Get Your Voice Heard on the New ColdFusion Weekly Podcast

If you'd like to have your voice heard on the first episode of the ColdFusion Weekly podcast here's your chance. Call in to ColdFusion Weekly to ask a question, make a comment, or just say hello (examples on their site).

Mention that you saw this post on my site ( and they'll get you in the first episode. They do have a deadline to get the audio uploaded to the streaming podcast servers, so if they don't get your recording up there in time rest assured that it will be in there by episode 2.

Calling in is easy an free. You can use Skype, you can pre-record an mp3/wav and email it to them, or you can call a voice mail system they have setup (may have toll charges from your location). If when calling-in you feel you have to start over during the call, go ahead, they know how to edit :). Go to ColdFusion Weekly to find out more!

ColdFusion Weekly Interviews Me for Episode One of Their Podcast

Next week ColdFusion Weekly will be airing the first episode of their ColdFusion podcast. They've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes and recording a lot of interviews to make sure that they have a lineup of regular episodes ready to air while they can prepare more material for future episodes.

Next week will be the first episode. I have been informed that their interview with me at the CF.Objective() conference last week will be in episode 1. The interview was based on the session I gave FarCry 3.0: CMS in the Real World.

They decided to interview me during a break at the event. Unfortunately we had to stop/start in the middle of the interview due to a few interruptions (it was kind of funny). I'm curious to see how they splice the interruptions together into a seamless interview :).

Update: My interview has been moved to a later date (don't worry, its for a good reason :) ).

Application.cfc Breakdown at

Bryan and Michael have done it again. The authors and DJs of have once again delivered a well-spoken ColdFusion podcast chockfull of CF goodness.

In episode 9 they breakdown the intricacies of application.cfc and discuss some of its finer details. This is really helpful for CF developers who have not yet delved into using application.cfc to replace the old (but still supported) application.cfm file.

Go check it out and make sure to listen to their older episodes if you haven't yet.

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