ColdFusion Weekly Interviews Me for Episode One of Their Podcast

Next week ColdFusion Weekly will be airing the first episode of their ColdFusion podcast. They've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes and recording a lot of interviews to make sure that they have a lineup of regular episodes ready to air while they can prepare more material for future episodes.

Next week will be the first episode. I have been informed that their interview with me at the CF.Objective() conference last week will be in episode 1. The interview was based on the session I gave FarCry 3.0: CMS in the Real World.

They decided to interview me during a break at the event. Unfortunately we had to stop/start in the middle of the interview due to a few interruptions (it was kind of funny). I'm curious to see how they splice the interruptions together into a seamless interview :).

Update: My interview has been moved to a later date (don't worry, its for a good reason :) ).

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Matt Woodward's Gravatar Thanks again Jeff for agreeing to do the interview! We're anxious to get this project rolling so thanks for being our guinea pig for the interview process.
#1 by Matt Woodward | 3/16/06 8:26 AM

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