Advanced ColdFusion MX Developer

While I'm here at Adobe MAX 2006 I decided to take the CFMX7 Developer exam. I'm happy to say that not only did I pass the test to become certified, but I got enough score (plus some) to be considered an advanced developer (w00t!).

Sorry if this post is tooting my own horn, but its not often I even try for certifications anymore.

Adobe is having a party for everyone at the Palms Resort Casino in a few minutes. So I'm off to celebrate :)

Another Website Award

Last month I mentioned a website award I received for a website I worked on earlier this year (Middlesex Hospital). Well that website has once again won an award.

This time the award is from Strategic Health Care Communications (SHCC) in the category of Best Site Design.

Award for web development in 2005

A couple weeks ago I was notified that a site I worked on earlier this year (Middlesex Hospital) took home a WebAward for "Outstanding Website".

A special thanks goes out to Aaron Gustafson for the majority of the styling and graphic design work.

Unfortunately my name is misspelled on the award, but I'm just happy to see the site win. It is always gratifying to see something you've worked on for so long (8+ months) get some appreciation.

The CMS used for the site is Farcry CMS.

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