Advanced ColdFusion MX Developer

While I'm here at Adobe MAX 2006 I decided to take the CFMX7 Developer exam. I'm happy to say that not only did I pass the test to become certified, but I got enough score (plus some) to be considered an advanced developer (w00t!).

Sorry if this post is tooting my own horn, but its not often I even try for certifications anymore.

Adobe is having a party for everyone at the Palms Resort Casino in a few minutes. So I'm off to celebrate :)

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dc's Gravatar Good luck in getting adobe to add your name to the list.

Last time I looked the page rendered terribly in Firefox and looked like it hadn't been updated in years meaning I wasn't on it and felt pretty flat about doing the certification and passing it in the first place....
(They have at least fixed the page to render in Firefox these days... my name still ain't on it tho.)

They really should sort it out, there;s loads of disgruntled postings over at the adobe forums.
#1 by dc | 10/26/06 8:04 AM
Scott Stroz's Gravatar I took the exam ovcer a year ago, and also got 'Advanced', yet my name is not on the list either. The odd thing is that it was there before the merger.
#2 by Scott Stroz | 10/26/06 8:31 AM
Ben Nadel's Gravatar Congratulations! Well done.
#3 by Ben Nadel | 10/26/06 9:41 AM
dc's Gravatar That's what I actually meant to comment on when I popped the Add Comment box before I got sidetracked with a mini rant...

Well Done Jeff!
#4 by dc | 10/26/06 9:53 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Thanks! :)
#5 by Jeff Coughlin | 10/26/06 11:09 AM
Phillip Senn's Gravatar Congrats!
It's given me inspiration!
#6 by Phillip Senn | 10/26/06 11:14 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Great... If I'm inspiring anyone, then I know we're in trouble ;-)

BTW: Michael Dinowitz also went in and took the test at the same time. He gave me a glance that looked like "it's on" and thus the challenge began. Needless to say he beat me by a couple points :).
#7 by Jeff Coughlin | 10/26/06 11:19 AM
Ben Nadel's Gravatar I have to say that if you guys were able to take the Certification Test on a whim and pass Advanced that is truly impressive. I got the advanced certification, but I studied for it for like three weeks. Without the studying, there is NO way that I would have passed. There is just too much of the language that I don't use on a regular basis (if ever) such as stored procedures, reporting, web services. I am confident on the passing, but no way I would have gotten advanced without studying.

Hats of to you!
#8 by Ben Nadel | 10/26/06 11:26 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Thanks Ben. Yeah, Scott and I like to get into as much CF as we can get our hands dirty :).
#9 by Jeff Coughlin | 10/26/06 5:44 PM
Trond Ulseth's Gravatar Congrats Jeff!
#10 by Trond Ulseth | 10/28/06 2:45 PM
Jen Blackledge's Gravatar Congrats, Jeff! :) It was great meeting you at MAX!
#11 by Jen Blackledge | 10/30/06 3:51 PM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Scott,
I just checked and you are listed on that page.
#12 by Jeff Coughlin | 11/4/06 1:10 AM
Scott Bennett's Gravatar Gratz! I almost took the test while I was at Adobe max too but didn't have the time. I got Advanced Certified back in early 2002 for ColdFusion 5, but I think with CF8 out now it's about time I did it again.
#13 by Scott Bennett | 10/30/07 2:15 AM

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