Joining the iPod Crowd

Last night my wife surprised me with an early Christmas present (a video iPod). She found a great deal on and unfortunately had to have me decide by today whether or not to keep it in order to get the rebate in time.

You betcha I'm keeping it :). I may be a first time owner (and user) to an iPod, but I use iTunes for all my MP3s and podcasts. So as soon as I got the iPod drivers installed and restarted iTunes it immediately started downloading all of my songs and videos (podcasts). An hour or so later (yeah, I have a lot of media files) I was in business.

Now, I may have never used an iPod (seriously. I've never even tried one), but I can safely say that the people at Apple know what they're doing. It took me a whole 10 seconds to figure it out. Sure, there are plenty of things I'm going to need to learn (features and other benefits), but I'm still amazed at how quickly I was able to start playing my media without having to read a manual.

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Simeon's Gravatar Welcome to the iPod life! Now you get to learn about ripping videos and all the other fun stuff. You wont regret the purchase. Its so nice to have movies to watch on my ipod, and a bunch of the new albums you buy on iTunes come with a music video. Beyond that with episodes of Lost and The Office for only 1.99 its hard to keep your video collection from gettting really big quick.

If you need some pointers on encoding your dvd's drop me a line I can point you in the right direction.
#1 by Simeon | 12/14/05 8:53 AM
John Wilker's Gravatar Welcome to the club
#2 by John Wilker | 12/14/05 8:53 AM
Tom F's Gravatar Now drop another $25 on RedChair Software's Anapod Explorer. It is an awesome compliment to the iPod (or similar device). It blows iTunes out of the water.
#3 by Tom F | 12/15/05 6:19 AM
pradeep's Gravatar you are lucky that you have so wife .who gived you such type present on special moment and you are using that ipod ,it is very good both(you&your wife).
#4 by pradeep | 5/29/07 2:04 AM

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