It's my 30th Birthday Today

It feels weird to say that ("I'm 30 years old"). It's a good feeling though... a milestone if you will.

So I'm looking back at my accomplishments and failures over the last 30 years and I have to ask myself, "Self, where to now?"

Well, so far I'm very pleased with where I am at the moment and the direction I'm currently headed in. My career decisions aside my family is what's most important to me.

So what do I plan to cook up for the next 30 years? I have some really cool things planned for the next coming months, but beyond that things seem blurry. I guess as long as I keep my head high, and mind open to new possibilities and new horizons it should be another fun 30 years.

So, work day or not, I'll have a beer, sit back for a few and toast myself to the next 30 years :).

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Scott Stroz's Gravatar You are a mere child.....

Happy birthday...have a beer (or six) on me ;-)
#1 by Scott Stroz | 2/21/06 8:29 AM
Brajeshwar's Gravatar Happy Birthday!
#2 by Brajeshwar | 2/21/06 8:53 AM
Sean Coyne's Gravatar Happy Birthday Jeff!
#3 by Sean Coyne | 2/21/06 9:13 AM
Doug Hughes's Gravatar Please, let me be the first to say, "Who the hell is Jeff?!"

Oh, and happy birthday too!
#4 by Doug Hughes | 2/21/06 9:25 AM
Joe Rinehart's Gravatar Happy birthday, old timer. Is the free coffee at McDonalds all it's cracked up to be?
#5 by Joe Rinehart | 2/21/06 10:12 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar > Happy birthday, old timer. Is the free coffee at McDonalds all it's cracked up to be?


You crack me up :)
#6 by Jeff Coughlin | 2/21/06 10:22 AM
JesusWept's Gravatar Another year closer to arthritis! hoorah!
#7 by JesusWept | 2/21/06 10:33 AM
EnsignSalapa's Gravatar Happy Birthday Jeff!!!
#8 by EnsignSalapa | 2/21/06 10:37 AM
phill.nacelli's Gravatar Wow,
You are two days older then me!!!! Have a wonderfull Who the Hell is Jeff birthday..

All the best..

#9 by phill.nacelli | 2/21/06 5:05 PM

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