Will FarCry Change its Open Source License (CPL) to a Dual License Model with GPLv3?

There has been a lot of buzz this week when Daemon announced they were thinking of changing their open source license model from Common Public License 1.0 (CPL) to a dual license with the GNU GPL License v3 (GPL).

I sat with Geoff Bowers, President and CEO of Daemon Internet Consultants, to ask him why they were thinking of changing to a dual license model.

Check out the article on Fusion Authority and see what all the buzz is about.

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O?uz Demirkap?'s Gravatar I think it would be nice in general while integrating with other GPL3 licensed platforms such as OpenBlueDragon etc.

Thanks again for your great work!
#1 by O?uz Demirkap? | 5/9/08 2:08 PM
Ezra Parker's Gravatar Hi, Jeff, it was great to meet you at cf.Objective(). I think that your article does a good job of explaining the issues, and hopefully resolving some of the possible misunderstandings regarding the potential licensing change. I agree that this would be a beneficial move for the FarCry community (and Daemon), as I think that the results will benefit everyone, especially the opportunity to integrate with OpenBD (as Oguz mentioned).
#2 by Ezra Parker | 5/9/08 4:00 PM
Steve H's Gravatar Nice article Jeff,

I read people commenting above and on the FarCRy list that once FarCry changes to a GPL license you will be able to package it with Blue Dragon Open Source but the fact is you can do that right now with the current CPL license. FarCry and BD are seperate software and the code for each does not share the same space in memory.

Just wanted to clear that up :)
#3 by Steve H | 5/10/08 6:40 AM
Geoff Bowers's Gravatar @SteveH: unfortunately, that is not our interpretation of the license. CPL and GPL are not compatible. And although you could easily download OpenBD and install FarCry, we don't believe this extends to allowing us to distribute say a ready2run WAR file.

In any event the release of OpenBD under GPL is not the reason for our current deliberations. If it helps with distributing FarCry that's great -- but its not something that's factoring into the current debate.
#4 by Geoff Bowers | 5/12/08 4:33 AM

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