FarCry 4.0 Beta Released

FarCry 4.0 Beta (code-named Gonzales) has been released to the public for Beta testing (currently from SVN).

So what's changed? This release was aimed at developer improvements (although the user hasn't been forgotten). Here are a few off the top of my head:

  • New Installer (you asked... you begged... so hear it is in all its glory :)
  • New Custom Type Features for Developers
    • New object broker
    • Form Tools
    • Form Wizards
    • Other cool stuff
  • New Client Features
    • AJAX features for seamless user interaction
    • New UI features like drag & drop and other cool web 2.0(ish) gadgets

Other things to keep in mind:

  • The current plan is to have the minimum CF version support be CF7. This may or may not change by the final release, however it is something you should consider if planning using FarCry 4.0.
  • Because this is a Beta there will likely be bugs.
  • Currently there is little-to-no documentation for Gonzales.
  • Please refer any Beta questions (related to bugs or features) to the FarCry Beta Mailing list.

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Nick Tong's Gravatar Hi Jeff, this is great news - i'll download and have a play. Thanks for the hard work.

BTW: Your FC feed is now on here:
#1 by Nick Tong | 10/25/06 5:07 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Nick,

Thanks for the comments. The real people to thank, however, are Daemon Internet Consultants ( for developing the application (and framework). I only play a very small part in the FarCry user community evangelizing the product as best I can :).
#2 by Jeff Coughlin | 10/25/06 5:20 AM
Jeff Knooren's Gravatar Using Coldfusion 7, If I put [http://localhost:8500/farcry/] in the address bar, I see an index of files. So, I know the mapping is correct. But the Install Guide says I can start a wizard using [http://localhost:8500/farcry/install] but where is the "install" directory?
#3 by Jeff Knooren | 10/25/06 6:15 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar The install directory now resides in the webskin folder (in this case, the newer Mollio).
#4 by Jeff Coughlin | 10/25/06 10:23 AM
Scott Stroz's Gravatar 1. I tried installing on MS SQL server and got a message saying support not yet available.

2. When I try to run installer on MySQL 5, I get this message:

'You need to have Create_tmp_table_priv privilege set to true for your MySQL user'

As far as I can tell this privilege is set for the user on the DB I am using.

Any suggestions?
#5 by Scott Stroz | 10/25/06 10:29 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar In case anyone has been looking for it, the "farcry_lib/farcrycms" files can now be found on the nightly builds page (


I suggest posting your question to the FarCry Beta Mailing list and go from there (I'd take a look at this, but I'm running out the door). Thanks for being brave and helping us find bugs! :)
#6 by Jeff Coughlin | 10/25/06 11:58 AM
Scott Stroz's Gravatar Yes, I did that. But those damned Aussies are sleeping.
#7 by Scott Stroz | 10/25/06 1:08 PM
Geoff Bowers's Gravatar Apologies for the broken installer.. my fault entirely. It works on OSX with Postgres you'll be glad to know -- but looks like i broke something when I last updated from my laptop at home. Will try and patch for today.
#8 by Geoff Bowers | 10/25/06 7:50 PM
Jack Carver's Gravatar erm..... FarCry the very, very well known game, doesnt seem to be here on this site, and I didnt know that Ubisoft was releasing a beta. Can someone enlighten me? I mean, surely, someone wouldnt be silly enough to name a different software with the same title as an existing prominent product...or at least do a little market research.... would they?
#9 by Jack Carver | 11/5/07 6:59 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar heheh. Very funny :).

You know, FarCry (the framework and CMS) was originally released to the public as an open source product in April 2003 (and before that was a closed product). The video game you're referring to wasn't released until March 2004. But being that they have no relation to each other and target completely different audiences I don't believe it even matters.
#10 by Jeff Coughlin | 11/5/07 9:01 AM

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