Another FarCry 4 Website Launched

Today I wrapped up the final code pieces for a new website (

Upon viewing the site we aimed at making the user experience quick and painless; getting the user right to the point (viewing the vehicles that are currently on the lot and for sale).

However, behind the scenes there is much more going on. We're of course using many new features in FarCry 4.0 (formtools, object broker, extended arrays, etc), but there are a few extra tidbits in there to help make things easier for the client.

When the client came to me originally they just wanted the website and a management tool to create and maintain the vehicle data. So we created a normalized database with many relational tables allowing for future growth (ie. A possible Advanced Search in a future release which can use the normalized DB for search filtering).

Then shortly before the initial launch date they asked if it was possible to auto-import the vehicle data daily using limited CSV data.

Long-story-short there is a massive import script in the backend which runs nightly. It takes the CSV file (with only limited data), runs it through a VIN decoding service (web service) and returns the data I need. Any images for the vehicles are uploaded and 5 different sizes are created for each vehicle (used throughout the site for various marking purposes).

Whew, its been a fun site :). We are already planning Phase II for the site and couldn't be more happy (Phase II will incorporate more functionality and update some functionality we couldn't get into Phase I).

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Phillip Senn's Gravatar Congrats Jeff!
I looked at it, and it looks clean.
Turn your captcha down!
#1 by Phillip Senn | 6/7/07 2:01 PM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar @Phillip

Thanks. The design, CSS, microformats, and related client-side code is from a colleague (and good friend) Aaron Gustafson (thanks Aaron!). I also forgot to thank the guys from Daemon who were a great help (thanks Mat!).

RE: Captcha
Yeah, I need to turn it down. I'd rather just do it using a switch in the blogCFC config, but this version of blogCFC doesn't have that feature. So I either have to spend the time upgrading blogCFC or make the modifications to the captcha code myself... both of which I can't find the enrgy to do right now :) I plan to upgrade soon, but no promise dates :).
#2 by Jeff Coughlin | 6/7/07 2:11 PM
coldfusion cleveland's Gravatar How come there are no vehicles on the home page? You should think about having specials, or new vehicles posted on the front page with the permalink so the new pages will get cached faster in Google. Just a thought.
#3 by coldfusion cleveland | 3/26/08 11:09 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Some weeks the client doesn't update which vehicles they want on the homepage (if vehicles are sold, they are automatically removed from the homepage). Try now :).
#4 by Jeff Coughlin | 3/26/08 11:40 AM
coldfusion cleveland's Gravatar Much better. I was wondering what that empty space was for :-) I'd also recommend that you make the Car's name a link to the details page. "See details" doesn't do anything for backlinks, whereas "2002 Chevy Impala" would have a much more useful backlink. You can keep the see details link in place if you want.. but I'd just loose it. Then, make the title tag auto generate "Used 2002 Chevy Impala in North Haven" or something to that extent. It will help target local traffic and customers which is essential to used car sales. I've worked on quite a few car lot websites if you need help with search engine optimization..
#5 by coldfusion cleveland | 3/31/08 9:55 PM

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