FarCry 5.0 Beta Released

Early this morning Daemon released a packaged beta of FarCry 5.0 (code-named Fortress). This is an early beta and has known bugs, however I've been running it and so far it is pretty stable (IMO).

FarCry 5.0 has a very large feature set. The new installer is great (see image below) and the upgrader does an amazing job (currently only updates from FarCry 4.0).

FarCry 5.0 InstallerNew FarCry 5.0 Installer

Of the many new features in FarCry, the one I'm really digging is the new skeleton functionality. In essence when you create a skeleton you take a snapshot of your current project (configs, plugin connections,... even data) and you can redeploy it in other installations (this is all managed from an easy user interface).

Another feature that a lot of people will be excited about is that FarCry can now run from the webroot (allowing you to deploy it on a shared hosting environment).

You can find more about FarCry 5.0 in the online wiki.

Here is a list of some of the many of the features being released in FarCry 5.0:

  • New Security Model (it's type-based now)
  • New Workflow Engine
  • New Formtool Enhancements
    • Ability to Create Formtools without a Persistent Object (providing a construct for using formtools without the need for a content type in the background)
  • FarCry now Uses Application.cfc
  • ExtJs 2.0 Integration (a new tag library that concentrates on panels and accordions)
  • New Webskin Security Model
  • New Skeleton Functionality (for solution distributions)
  • New Skeleton Explorer (allowing you to export your existing project into a skeleton)
  • New Webskin Security (example: You can secure any view)
  • Type-Based Webskins (the ability to run a new webskin on a collection of objects of the same type)
  • New Inline Documentation Functionality in the Webtop
  • Categories are Now Content Types (No need to create custom category types anymore)
  • The Config has been Normalized (allowing plugins to have their own config)
  • New Installer
  • And Much More!...

There are so many more features. Even small ones... like date fields for example (Thanks Mat). While editing in a form (in the webtop) and modifying a data field... sure you can use the date icon and click through the dates. But you can also just type into the date box in any format (and the date will automatically be converted to your locale). Example: You can type the string "+ 2 weeks" or "+2 months" and you will instantly see the resulting date.

Daemon has put a lot of work into this release and deserve all the credit we can throw at them :). They are asking for people to beta test and report bugs in the public Bug Tracker and/or in the FarCry-Beta Mailing Lists.

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O?uz Demirkap?'s Gravatar Great news! Thanks to all FarCry team for this great work! :)
#1 by O?uz Demirkap? | 1/31/08 1:18 PM
Michael Sharman's Gravatar Excellent work guys, can't wait to have a look!
#2 by Michael Sharman | 1/31/08 3:21 PM
Sean Coyne's Gravatar The installer and updater don't seem to be included in the build they link to.
#3 by Sean Coyne | 1/31/08 3:50 PM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar @Sean - Both the installer and updater are there. For the installer, follow the instructions that Geoff made (link is in the blog post). The updater is currently built into FarCry (it will auto-detect what version you are using and suggest an upgrade (again, currently only updates from 4.0)).

Keep in mind that this is a beta, so it is advised to backup your data before using this release. From there, direct any questions or comments you have in the Farcry-beta mailing list (link is in the blog posting).
#4 by Jeff Coughlin | 1/31/08 7:09 PM
Sean Coyne's Gravatar Thanks Jeff. Yeah its there now that they updated the build. It was missing a few files.
#5 by Sean Coyne | 1/31/08 8:01 PM
Vince Collins's Gravatar Hey Jeff,

I'm new to FarCry and I'm excited about using it. I installed 5.0 on a client's machine about two weeks ago not knowing it was beta since there is no indication of this on the download page of site. I may have overlooked that fact and it's not a big deal at this point except I've already noticed that site-wide search doesn't seem to work and found a post saying it may be released in the near future but of course no guarantees. So my question to you, oh one who has more experience with FarCry ;) is this:

Would you advise me to uninstall farcry 5.0 and install an older, more mature version? If so, what version? What are the major trade offs/benefits of 5.0 vs 4.x? How hard is it to uninstall 5.0 and reinstall 4.x?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

#6 by Vince Collins | 7/21/08 11:18 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar @Vince,

FarCry 5.0 actually made a silent release a month ago. In fact, it's up to v5.0.1 now (download available from SVN or my site). Daemon hasn't had the time to make a big official release/announcement yet, thus I haven't said anything (I don't want to take their glory).

As for the Verity plugin -- Although I haven't had a chance to use it yet, the Verity plugin for 4.0 should work for FC5 (in theory). The plugin overall just needs some polishing up and some tweaks before it can be said to officially run on FC5. What won't currently work is while running the installer for FC5, you won't see the option to install the verity plugin for FC4 (you'd have to manually install it -- which only takes a few seconds).

[Note: I haven't actually tested this yet. Although I've upgraded a few of my clients to FarCry 5, none of those are using the Verity plugin (those clients are still on FarCry 4.0.10)]
#7 by Jeff Coughlin | 7/23/08 5:32 AM

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