webDU Conference 2007 March 22-23

Update: My apologies. In the blog post title I had May instead of "March". Please note the dates are March 22-23 2007. Hey, it almost 4 am when I posted that :). (Thanks Geoff for pointing it out!)

The guys at Daemon are at it again. This year webDU promises to be another great web technology conference. Speakers like Tim Buntel, Mike Chambers, Ted Patrick, James Talbot, and Charlie Arehart (to name a few) will be there to once again share their expertise in tools and languages we know and love.

This will be the first year am I going to webDU (and my first year in Oz). I will be speaking on the new upcoming FarCry 4.0 Application Framework and some of it's really cool new features that have been added in this revision that help make FarCry development even easier and more streamlined than ever before.

Oh, and if you get a chance make sure to check out the cool new mug shot of me put together by the awesome team from Nectarine.

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Geoff Bowers's Gravatar Jeff -- hope to see you in *MARCH*! Till then ;)
#1 by Geoff Bowers | 2/5/07 6:18 AM

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