Google Announces Video Sitemaps

On the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, Google announced a new feature called Video Sitemaps.

Video Sitemaps-an extension of the Sitemap Protocol that helps make your videos more searchable via Google Video Search

I played with it for a couple minutes and it looks pretty cool (I sense maybe a few more features for it coming... we'll see :) ).

As the blog states: To get started, create a Video Sitemap, sign into Google Webmaster Tools, and add the Video Sitemap to your account.

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Marc Liron's Gravatar ...I started using them the moment the option was released by Google.

Soon got fed up hand coding the XML file and so created some software to
make the valid XML file.

Now I am giving it away free!

Version 1.0 at the moment but will be adding too it soon.

Plus I think it is the worlds FIRST video sitemap software?
#1 by Marc Liron | 12/22/07 12:05 PM

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