My New Home in 2005

Okay, so last fall I promised I'd put up pictures of my new home after I moved in. Well, I may be a little late, but here they are. Enjoy :)

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Bob Everland's Gravatar Actually I believe they call houses like that estates. That's a nice ass house. I don't even want to know how much that thing cost when you built and how muc hit has gone up since then.
#1 by Bob Everland | 7/31/06 8:18 AM
charlie griefer's Gravatar which one is my room?
#2 by charlie griefer | 7/31/06 9:55 AM
Trond Ulseth's Gravatar Woha - that looks awesome Jeff. Which lottery did you win?

I'm busy this days rebuilding a couple of floors in a 100 years old house we just bought. ( for pictures if you're interested). Nothing like making yourself a new place to live :)
#3 by Trond Ulseth | 8/1/06 5:42 PM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Bob, thanks :). Yes, we got in when the neighborhood was very new and lots of construction was going on, so the prices have gone up since then.

CJ, We'll be putting up a shed in the back soon. You're welcome to crash there :)

Trond, thanks. No lottery, just part of my 5-year-plan :). Thats awesome work with the reconstruction of the historical home. I'm excited to see more pictures when they're up.
#4 by Jeff Coughlin | 8/1/06 5:50 PM
credit servicer's Gravatar Nice house bud! I assume that house isn't in California, or it'd cost millions.
#5 by credit servicer | 10/5/06 2:38 AM

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