Ready for CFUnited 2006

This year's CFUntied looks to be even better than the last. There is a lot to learn and I'm very ready to jump into Flex 2.0 head first.

So I'm packed and ready to go (I'm leaving Tuesday morning). After arriving at Reagan National Airport I'll be meeting Charlie Griefer and Ray Camden to catch a cab to the hotel. Andy Allen should arrive sometime later that evening (he and I are sharing a room). CJ is rooming with Scott Stroz (the man with the cooler) and we plan to have adjoining rooms (will we even get sleep... who knows). Scott's bringing the beer and Andy's bringing scotch direct from Scotland. So I guess that leaves CJ and me to stay sober ;).

I'll likely be unwinding in the evenings at the hotel's local pub, so if you see me be sure to say hi and grab a beer.

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Joe Rinehart's Gravatar Dominion Brewery (one of the best micros in the country, about 30 minutes from cfunited) has put out their seasonal - it's a barley wine, 11.4% by volume. I'll bring a few sixers to contribute to the cooler....
#1 by Joe Rinehart | 6/26/06 8:11 AM
Mark Drew's Gravatar Whoa, and where can I get some of this Jack Daniels we so lovingly import from thy fair country I ask myself?

See you guys there!

#2 by Mark Drew | 6/26/06 8:49 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Mark,

There just happens to be a liquor store right around the corner (within walking distance).


Now you're talk'n! :) By the way, a bunch of us are meeting at Chili's again Tuesday night (around 8:00 after the speaker's dinner). Please feel free to come join us for a drink (some of us will be there early for food since we're not going to your fancy dinner :)).

And that invitation goes out to anyone. Beers are on Joe! ;)
#3 by Jeff Coughlin | 6/26/06 9:08 AM
Mark Drew's Gravatar Ahhh very handy! Going with my better-half and we are both a bit of JD fiends.. although I dont think we will be drinking that much in private as there will be enough public drinking going on!

I shall see in what state I am after the 8 hour flight and come over to Chillis ;)

#4 by Mark Drew | 6/26/06 9:48 AM
charlie griefer's Gravatar "So I guess that leaves CJ and me to stay sober"

um yeah. so... we're gonna need to talk about this 'sober' thing... :)
#5 by charlie griefer | 6/26/06 10:06 AM
Scott Stroz's Gravatar Be fore warned...the liquor store around the corner is way overpriced. For a fee, or 6-pack, you may be able convince me to drive you to a more reasonably proced establishment.
#6 by Scott Stroz | 6/26/06 11:39 AM
Mark Drew's Gravatar hmm.. this is a catch 22 situation.. "need to get 6 pack to get to liquor store, need to get to liquor store to get 6pack..."
#7 by Mark Drew | 6/26/06 11:44 AM
Scott Stroz's Gravatar Welcome to the cyclic-logic that encompasses my life
#8 by Scott Stroz | 6/26/06 12:01 PM
Mark Drew's Gravatar Ahh, recursive functions in the mind of the Scott, I hope you have your finger on your mental re-start service button!

#9 by Mark Drew | 6/26/06 12:02 PM
Andy Allan's Gravatar So, when I finally trundle up to the hotel around midnight, are you guys gonna be in the hotel, or are you gonna be in Chili's?
#10 by Andy Allan | 6/26/06 12:07 PM
Scott Stroz's Gravatar 'I hope you have your finger on your mental re-start service button!' - That's what the liquor store is for.
#11 by Scott Stroz | 6/26/06 12:09 PM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Andy,

Thats a good point. Its probably best to call my cell phone if I'm not in my room.
#12 by Jeff Coughlin | 6/26/06 12:14 PM

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