Pictures From CFUnited

So here we are at pre-day 1 (or is it day zero). I arrived at the hotel this morning at around 10:00am and found my way around. The place was pretty quiet so I decided to take a few photos. They’re not that exciting so far (there’s just not that much happening yet). But if you’re curious, take a look. I made sure to get in a couple quick shots of the hotel (before its walls a brimming with people). I poked my head into the MMUG’s meeting and took a quick photo. I got a few looks and raised eyebrows so I reluctantly stopped at one picture :). Shortly after 1:00pm the CFUnited booth starting setting up and that was the first sign of any CF life (other than a couple small signs on some class & meeting doors).

I walked around town a little and grabbed some lunch. On my way back in I ran into Jeff Houser and the Dinowitz’s. Originally I was going to drive down here with Jeff, but I found round-trip tickets online for $80 bucks and couldn’t pass it up.

So I’ll post more later on if I get a chance. This week looks to be pretty busy but I’m sure I can find a few moments to upload some more.

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Christy's Gravatar Very nice photos. We miss you up here in Connecticut. Hope you have a great time! It's nice to be able to check your blog each day and see what's going on and how much fun you're having!
#1 by Christy | 6/28/05 8:57 PM

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