Firefox 1.03 Released

Firefox 1.0.3 was released. This release was to address some security issues that have come up recently. If you haven't already gotten it go to and download one in your language and OS type.

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Mihai's Gravatar It has passed quite a lot of time since that release was made. yet now at the 2.0 version we still have problems with Firefox. And I mean big problems. Yet, this browser compensate by following the standards and with multiple addons. For example I use colorzilla many times because I also use hexa or rgb. And there are also validators and similar tools that other browsers do not have.
#1 by Mihai | 12/27/07 4:43 PM
Mihai's Gravatar BTW forgot to ask , would like mind me reviewing Firefox and using some of the info I found here ? The review will appear on and it will have links for your article pages and I will drop your name if needed. Please let me know if that is possible.

#2 by Mihai | 12/27/07 4:45 PM

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