Macromedia announces new Coldfusion Codename "Scorpio"

Nearing the end of the opening keynote at CFUnited Ben Forta announced the codename for the next version of ColdFusion. Current plans for Scorpio are to work from the stable CFMX engine and enhance more features like functionality.

On a side note, Ben also spoke briefly about the upcoming CF7 updater. I forgot to write down some of the features, but Doug Hughes who was sitting near me seemed to get excited when Ben mentioned something about Java being able to talk to CFCs (or something to that effect). So I'm guessing thats a good thing :).

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Steve Wood's Gravatar Are you sure about this? At the 10th Birthday party in Newton JJ Allaire mentioned a code name "Merrimac". Did you hear that?
#1 by Steve Wood | 7/14/05 2:32 PM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Yes I have heard of it. "Merrimac" is the codename for the first updater being developed for ColdFusion 7 (no due date released as of yet). When released it will likely just be called Updater 1 (or just updater).
#2 by Jeff Coughlin | 7/14/05 3:02 PM

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