CFunited - End of Day Zero

Well, this was an eventful day. No official events and yet I've met quite a few people. It was great to take a break, have a beer, and be able to chat with people before all the formal events begin tomorrow.

As I sit here typing this I look around the room and see Joe and Scott typing on their laptops as well. Scott was smart enough to bring in a wireless access point for our room. Oh yeah, Joe Rinhart needed a place to crash tonight because his roommate will not be in until tomorrow. So Scott and I stuck him on the floor :).

At the end of the night many of us were found chatting in the local hotel pub (Sean Corfield, Michael Dinowitz, Jared Rypka-Hauer, and several others).

So here are some more pictures that I managed to get in before the day ended. I also attended MiniMax2 and placed a couple photos of that in there as well.

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