Second Presidential Debate

So here we are again. Another presidential debate and I had my fresh bag of popcorn.

I'll keep this one short tonight. Wow, president Bush suprised me this evening. He was much more energetic this time. At one point he flew off his chair and lunged at Kerry's response.

John Kerry made sure to remind president Bush tonight that yesterday the Duelfer report showed that Iraq hasn't had weapons of mass destruction since 1991. He also brought up the fact that when Bush came into office there was a $5.6 trillion surplus where now we have a $2.6 trillion deficit. Kerry promised he would give a tax cut to people making less than $200,000 a year.

Bush countered with saying that Kerry was "just not credible when talking about being fiscally responsible. And that was about it. He didn't respond to the comment made on the Duelfer report. He did, however, respond about the deficit by saying it was already on the decline when he came into office and said that he had prior information that it would continue to decline.

Both men spoke a little about Healthcare and ended with topics about abortion. When asked how each man would reply to someone who came to them asking not to have their tax money support abortion, Kerry replied by saying that even though his personal religion forbids abortion he could not justify stopping abortions by enforcing his religion on others. Bush repied by saying flat out that he would not let tax payer's money support abortion.

Both men clearly have different positions on different topics. I still believe this is going to be a close race in the end. My one comment on tonight's debate would be "If you back president Bush into a corner be prepared to see him jump off his chair in an excited response." I can't wait for the next debate. Until then, I’ll keep the popcorn popping.

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