1 Day Before Site Launch

Here I am one day before site launch. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, but its still far off in the distance. There is so much coding left to be completed and content entered into the system. Its going to be another long day+night.

Two months of 18-hour work days really puts a toll on the human body. When this project is complete I plan to take some time off and rest. I won't want to see another Email or script for a while (maybe I'll go to a tropical island for a weekend with the wife... no computers :) ).

I am crossing my fingers and hoping we get this site completed on-time. We are to go live sometime tomorrow evening (after Spike leaves) so I am crossing my fingers we wont run into any major bugs during launch.

The website has to be live by Monday morning to cooincide with a large marketing campain (TV commercials, radio adds, newspaper, etc) advertising many of the hospital's technological features. The website needs to reflect that image.

Wish me luck.

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