ColdFusion's 10th birthday - Meeting Jeremy Allaire

Last night I drove up to Newton, MA (just outside of Boston) with Jeff Houser to celebrate ColdFusion's 10th birthday Macromedia-style (it was only a 1.5 hour drive from where I live in CT). I remembered to bring my camera and take a few pictures. However, we were there a little early, so we hung out with Michael and Judith Dinowitz and Simon Horwith until MM's security would let us through the door at 4pm (EST).

After taking a few pictures (only a few early ones) I got tired of carrying around my camera and decided to temporarily put my camera in Jeff's car until later (not smart).

Well, I didn't remember the camera again until a few minutes into the interview presentation. I was talking to Steven Erat earlier in the evening and he mentioned that Jeremy Allaire was supposed to be there earlier in the day but was delayed in Philidelphia (flight delays). By the way, if you watch the Breeze presentation, I'm the second guy that walks by at around the 10-second mark. My 1 second of fame... w00t.

So after missing about 100+ awesome photo ops I went out to Jeff's car during break to get my camera (what seemed like a mile-walk. Man that place was huge). I walked out the front door of the building and instantly realized that I forgot to bring Jeff's keys (d'oh).

There getting out of a cab in front of me was Jeremy Alliare. Did I say hello? No. Did I say "Hey Jeremy, it's a pleasure to meet you." No. Instead, the first words that came out of my mouth were "Dude, you're late" (nice one).

Luckily Jeremy has a sense of humor. Even though he had an awful travel day, was probably exhausted, and very likely did not want to have some guy cracking tardiness jokes on him... He laughed and said some joke about airlines (don't recall it, sorry).

We went to the front door (there was another attendee who had just shown up as well) and found it locked. I'm thinking "Okay, I'll just call Jeff. No wait; he's not carrying a cell phone". I turn to Jeremy, "Do you know anyone's cell number up there?" "Nope." Okay, we're screwed. Jeremy smiles and says, "C'mon, I know a side entrance". Of course! He did actually work there a couple years ago.

After a long trek to the "side entrance" we made our way back in the building (to which I was missing part of the second-half of the presentation) and Jeremy was able to make a grand entrance.

Tim Buntel did a great job the whole time improvising the presentation without Jeremy there and made Jeremy's timing look planned. All-in-all it was a great event. MM provided food (lots of pork. mmm... ribs) and of course beer (and of course wine and soda for the light at heart). Aymii (if I spelled that right) sitting next to me at dinner commented that they didn't have water. I had my beer, so I was good :).

To many people there it was sort of a farewell to Macromedia ColdFusion. Who knows what will come with Adobe ColdFusion. I'm not one to speculate or get into the debates. I'll just ride it out and go with the masses.

So ColdFusion, this ones for you (/me holds up a beer).

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ericd's Gravatar I was there - right next to the guy on the sound board up front on the right.

I haven't written a single line of cf code - but I wanted to be there. The stories were great! I couldn't stay for the whole thing unfortunately.
#1 by ericd | 7/14/05 11:10 PM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar I must have been sitting directly behind you. I was in the third or forth row on the chair to the far right.
#2 by Jeff Coughlin | 7/14/05 11:15 PM

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