I've been so busy lately

I've been quite busy these past 6 months working on a new website. About a couple weeks ago I was given a new deadline of Febuary 21st 2005 (my birthday no less). Now I have about 12 weeks left of CF coding to do in less than 3. Sleep has been pretty much removed from my dictionary at this point.

The website is written in Farcry (using CFMX) and is about 90% complete. Most of the final pieces have to do with some backend work and importing older DB data into the Farcry CMS.

I am pulling whatever leverage I can get to get another Farcry developer in here in the next few days. At least with the two of us we might have a chance. Maybe a miracle will happen and we can get this done on time. If however my boss doesn't grant the extra consultant coming in for a couple weeks, then I'm in trouble :)

Wish me luck.

(stay tuned...)

More Snow?

We have been getting so much snow lately (CT, USA). It’s a darn good thing I can work from home when needed, because today is one of those days (parking is horrendous on snowy days). Today is a snowy day. Not too much (4 to 8 inches), however it’s in the forecast to snow all day.

I was watching the news early this morning and pretty much all of the schools in Connecticut are cancelled. C'mon! By the time the little buggers would be getting out they'd have a total of what... 4 inches? If this was the upper-half of New York state they'd be laughing at the thought of even delaying school let alone canceling it. They deal with much more snow on a regular basis during the winter months.

</rant>    :)

I used to love snow when I was younger. I'd go sledding with friends until the sun had set. Even in college we'd go Tray SleddingTM until our bums were too bruised to go on. Ahh, those were the days :).

Gmail Account Anyone?

I have a few Gmail invites left. If anyone would like one let me know.

Now using Tivo

Okay. Have I been living under a rock or something? I just bought my family a Tivo for Christmas and I can safely say my TV watching days will never be the same.

I decided to get the Tivo early because Best Buy (who offers it at the same price as everyone else) is offering a 10% discount (coupon I got in the mail good for this weekend) on all DVRs plus a $20 gift card. That came out to be $41. Being that the unit costs $200 with a $100 mail-in rebate the total was somewhere around $79 (+membership). And they allow you to return the unit 30 days after Christmas if unsatisfied. Figured I should grab the deal now rather than wait until nearing Christmas.

Anyhow, this thing is great. I'm planning on ordering either one or two 300GB DVR hard drives to upgrade the unit. The only thing I'm trying to decide is if I should return it and get a DirecTV version instead (I am currently using basic cable). I was worried that I wouldn't be able to connect the DirecTivo up to my broadband connection, however a friend just told me that DirectTV may be offering the HMO feature sometime in Q1 2005.

update: (2004-12-14) I decided to order DirecTV with Tivo. In the end I'll be saving a lot more money and have 3 times the amount of channels. I may not watch enough TV to justify that many channels, but the cheaper price won me over. Also I am purchasing my second Tivo unit from Their service was great and they responded to my emails cordially.

First Entry

This is my first entry for my personal blog. Thanks to Ray Camden for the free ColdFusion blog code.

I don't plan to post here too often, but I will post info about my life. Especially since I had my first child a few weeks ago :)

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