I Won a Ticket To CFUNITED

Apparently I was a little lucky today. I won a ticket to CFUNITED. Read more about it on their website.

I purchased a ticket a while back, so hopefully I'll get reimbursed for that :). I am still looking for someone to room with me and split the cost (Don’t worry; I booked a room with two beds). The hotel is already booked, so if someone wants to split the cost with me drop me a line.

Going Down to CFUNITED-05

I've been trying to decide for the last few months whether or not to go to this year's CFUNITED conference and I finally gave in to my temptations.

I don't mind driving down there (should only be half a day's drive) however this can get pricy, fast (gas, hotel, admission, etc). So I'm planning to ask around the Hartford area (probably at the next Hartford CFUG meeting) to see if anyone is interested in carpooling and/or sharing a suite or something.


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