CF_Search_NextPrevious Custom Tag Update (v1.07)

New version 1.07 (CF_Search_NextPrevious)

I have made a revision to the ColdFusion custom tag CF_Search_NextPrevious. Anyone using v1.03 or newer can just overwrite their old version with this one. The major reason for this version update was because of user request to have the current page number center properly (like google does).

Revision Information:
2004-07-08 (v1.07)
- Current page number now centers properly (Google-style)
- Optimized code.
- Added attribute "CenterPageOffset"
- Minor fixes

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Adam's Gravatar I wish I had found you before I went crazy to figure out how to do google style prev/next. your one is amazing. Thanks for sharing with us. it is nice of you.
#1 by Adam | 7/9/04 7:23 PM
Jeff's Gravatar Hey no problem. I feel bad that I never released it to these past two years. It just never occured to me. Well, that and the fact that I never bothered to make a working demo until last month :)

Glad to hear the feedback. Thanks!
#2 by Jeff | 7/9/04 8:52 PM

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