FarCry 4.01 Officially Released

Its official. FarCry 4.01 is officially released. Version 4.0 was quietly released a little over a month ago (A couple of the plugins weren't ready for their 1.0.0 release yet).

Go to the downloads page and get the 4.01 suite which includes the following:

  • core (4.0.1)
  • plugins/farcrycms (1.0.0)
  • plugins/farcrycfximage (1.0.0)
  • plugins/googleMaps (1.0.0)

A special thanks to Geoff Bowers and his team and Daemon Internet Consultants for another great FarCry release.

And for those of you documentation nuts, Geoff and his team have been hard at work. Much has already been published in the last few weeks and more is on the way.

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O?uz Demirkap?'s Gravatar The best news that I got today! Congratulations!
#1 by O?uz Demirkap? | 5/30/07 12:26 AM
Mika's Gravatar Hi Jeff,
I've got a question regarding this release. We got several web sites developed and hosted for FC 3.02. With release of FC 4.01 do we need to change them in order to run under 4.01 (PLPs are still working or we need to convert them to FT objects?), or they would work properly? We never played with FC 4.
#2 by Mika | 6/5/07 2:05 AM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar @Mika

PLPs (process logic path) still work in FarCry 4.0, but are no longer supported (unless if some serious bug came up that needed to be addressed). PLPs are considered deprecated and we advise people using them to allocate resources and start converting your types and rules to use formtools (but again, it is not required).

It is very likely that in the next major release of FarCry PLP functionality will be removed (I have no official word on that from Daemon, but it is a strong possibility).

With regards to upgrading from FC3.x to FC4.x I strongly advise testing the sites in a dev environment first. Plus, just before upgrade it would be wise to backup all files and the DB just to be safe (in case something goes very wrong it is good to have a fallback option).

Good luck.
#3 by Jeff Coughlin | 6/6/07 8:11 AM

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