New FarCry Video Tutorial: FarCry 3.0 - An Overview (Part 4)

This is part 4 of my video presentation on FarCry 3.0 An Overview (based on a presentation I gave at the CF.Objective() 2006 conference).

Part 4 was turning out to be too large and a couple BETA testers suggested I trim it down more (I already cut out 15 minutes worth of footage) or split the video into two parts. So I chose the latter :). I'm halfway through editing part 5 as we speak, however I'm going away on holiday for a few days. Needless to say it will be done soon.

Part 4 dives into dynamic content examples. I cover a little bit on containers and custom types (my personal favorite feature). Since this video was recorded five months earlier I had to make a few updated notes during the video (tooltip popups).

One note in particular I'd like to point out is the way we as developers currently work with custom types. Although I only touch on custom types briefly in my presentation there are actually quite a few steps involved if/when you want to start working with PLPs. However, FarCry version 4.0.0 will drastically change this with the introduction of new wizards and form tools. Albeit still months away from a release, version 4 of FarCry looks to be very promising. Expect to see some exciting things on that soon.

If interested, I have also provided the slides from my presentation (slightly updated). You can download them in either PowerPoint (PPT) or PDF format. You can find a copy of the presentation files in the downloads section of my website.

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Craig's Gravatar oooh nice little carrot about Farcry4. We've done a lot of work with custom types for a poll type, and working with PLPs can get pretty ugly.

FC4 sounds promising!!
#1 by Craig | 8/24/06 1:44 AM

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