FarCry Nightly Builds Now from SVN

A week ago Daemon (pronounced "Dee-mon") converted their CVS repositories for the FarCry CMS applicaiton to Subversion (SVN). So for a full week my website was not grabbing the latest modifications from the version hosting server. Needless to say the download scripts on my backend server have been updated and you can safely resume your nightly build download "fix" ;).

A few changes were also made on the download page. The notes at the bottom were updated to hopefully better explain what files you're seeing in the downloadable list.

Also instead of having all the files bunched together, I've sorted them into three categories:

  • Current Release: Current release builds and maintenance branches. This is what most people want
  • Bleeding Edge: When you want to test new features in development (not suggested for production environments).
  • Deprecated: No longer officially supported but still used by some users.

Go check them out.

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