FarCry CMS 3.0.1 Released

The next version of FarCry CMS 3.0.1 has been released.

There are a few important things that Geoff Bowers points out (and one that I think is important) that you should be aware of:

  • Oracle support for the FarCry 3.x framework has been pushed to version 3.0.2
  • The installer from 3.0 to 3.0.1 has not been updated yet. So if you use the installer that comes with 3.0.1 make sure to run the updater for b300 and b301
  • Some bug fixes didn't make it into this release (but many bug fixes since 3.0 are included in this release making it a "must have")
  • Many of the localized translation files have have not been updated to FarCry 3.0. (note: I have submitted an updated version of the the en_US transaltion files for FarCry 3.0 a couple weeks ago that weren't able to make it into this release. You are welcome to download them now, however please keep in mind that they are likely still under review)
  • Included in this download is a sneak-peek at the mollio webskin for FarCry (I will definitely be playing with this very soon)
Update: Well, within 10 minutes I was able to get the new mollio webskin up and running. The only steps I had to do was to edit the config file (config/_serverSpecificVars.cfm), application.cfm (application name) and copy over any files or images that FarCry was maintaining. Then I had to edit my pages in FarCry to use the new webskin names (you can edit the DB and/or do this with a script to make it faster).

My first impression was that it's much smoother than the pliant webskin (and less css bugs). I liked the fact that it takes advantage of reflections out of the box. The only downfall I saw so far was that I wasn't able to use a teaser in the rightbar (or leftbar) to show recent news items (granted, I only played with it for a few minutes, so there's a chance that its in there and I'm just not giving it a chance). The fact that I was able to implement it into an existing FarCry website in a matter of minutes just goes to prove some of the flexibility FarCry allows your site to have.

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Brian Szoszorek's Gravatar Jeff,

Have you been able to figure out the right bar? I have been having the same issues.
#1 by Brian Szoszorek | 8/3/06 2:53 PM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar Brian,

No, I didn't pursue it much after that test. Sorry.
#2 by Jeff Coughlin | 8/7/06 11:12 AM

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