New Object Broker in FarCry 4.0

FarCry 4.0 (currently still in Beta) has a new feature called an Object Broker. It's essentially a caching tool for object types.

When used you set a numerical limit on it (for server memory reasons) where when the limit is reached it acts as "newest in, oldest out".

At the moment activating and using the object broker is undocumented. So for the moment consider this a good starting point :).

To Enable Object Broker

Edit any custom type CFC and add the following two attributes

view plain print about
view plain print about
(where 1000 is the numerical limit you want cached).

To Test Object Broker

  1. Disable the object broker and turn on CF debugging to see all of the queries
  2. Enable the object broker to see how few queries are required.
  3. Try dumping application.objectbroker to get a look at what's being cached.

Thanks to Mat Bryant (Daemon Internet Consultants) for helping me wrap my brain around some of these features.

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