CF_Search_NextPrevious Custom Tag Update (v1.09)

New version 1.09 (CF_Search_NextPrevious)

I have made a revision to the ColdFusion custom tag CF_Search_NextPrevious. In most cases anyone using v1.03 or newer can just overwrite their old version with this one. However I do suggest looking at the "Upgrade" documentation (a couple minor changes may effect a few people. More details are provided in the documentation).

I'd like to mention a couple changes breifly. I removed the unnecessary <table> tags to allow developers to support a tableless presentation. Also this is the first version to support Farcry.

Thanks to all the beta testers that made this revision possible over the past month and a half.

(Change log)

2004-10-06 v1.09
- Added attribute "objectID" (for Farcry Support)
- Added attribute "layout_previous"
- Added attribute "layout_next"
- Added attribute "layout_start"
- Added attribute "layout_end"
- Added LayoutNumber "3"
- Changed default filename from "./" to "index.cfm"
- Removed unnecessary <table> tag from output to support people wishing to use a tableless presentation.
- Removed attribute "EnableClasses" (now autochecking for styles).
- Removed attribute "LinkStyle2" (now using <div> tag for style inheritance).
- Changed attribute "LinkStyle1" to be used as an id (instead of a class).
- If you are upgrading to this tag from an older version and you
are currently using the above attribute (for custom styles),
please see upgrade documentation.
- Moved url.strt and after ExtraURLString in <a> anchor tags
- ExtraURLString does not have to begin with an ampersand now.
- When using ExtraURLString, the ampersand can be written as "&" and will be converted to "&amp;" for the <a> anchor tags.
- Fixed some formatting issues with "CurrentPageWrapper_start" and "CurrentPageWrapper_end"
- Now all layout attributes have the option to be set to blank.
- Updated documentation (also grouped attributes in documentation).
- Minor bug fixes

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