May 19, 2024   

Over the past few years I have made a few ColdFusion Custom Tags that I believe are useful. I have also listed some tags written by other people that I have personally contributed to.

I don't encrypt my files because I believe in sharing knowledge. Please feel free to make whatever changes you like (And by all means the update to me! :)

 -  If you have suggestions for improving any of my CF Custom Tags please send them to me and I'll check them out for possible inclusion in upcoming versions.  
 -  If I use your code in a future version of a Custom Tag then I will include your name, email, and website address in the credit section for that Custom Tag.  

Name Description ver Author Updated Example Dnlds
CF_Search_NextPrevious This tag returns NEXT and PREVIOUS links (useful for search results). But I didn't stop there... You will also get clickable page numbers (google-style).

Out of ... more>
v1.10 2005-09-13 Demo 1128
CF_IsDateValid Checks if the date you entered is valid. - Great for forms (FORM Validation). - Checks for Leap year. - Supports Both American or European formats! v1.01 2003-02-24 n/a 169
CF_URLSafeEncryption CF_URLSafeEncryption will encrypt any string you send to it and return a value that's safe for URL use. I made it because I sometimes have mailing lists where I give the option ... more> v1.01 2003-10-07 n/a 192
CF_LinkFinder This tag is an off-shoot of the CF_ColoredCode tag.

This utility will turn URLs within messages into active URLs and will make email addresses active mailto links ... more>
v1.1 2001-06-10 n/a 278
CF_Whodat Looks at cgi.http_user_agent to determine what browser the user is utilizing. Additionally Whodat? also returns a good amount of information to help web-developers determine ... more> v1.01 2002-10-21 n/a 213
CF_IsEmailEvil Checks an email string to verify that the format is correct. v1.01 Jeff Farrance 2002-08-01 n/a 198