March 04, 2024   


Below you will find presentations I have given at recent ColdFusion events/conferences.

Name Download Description Author Updated Dnlds
FarCry 3.0 - An Overview PPT 549KB
PDF   50KB
This was the presentaiton file I used for CF.Objective(). Its been slightly modified since that presentation to reflect a few updates. Make sure to check out the video representaiton of this presentation. It can be found in the tutorials section of this website. 2006-03-27 18856
Advanced Solr: Going Beyond the Basics of cfsearch Zip 2.4MB
Searching in ColdFusion 9 with Solr and cfsearch is great, but what if we told you there was much more to search than there seems? Take a look behind the scenes as we explore what Solr and ColdFusion can do once you go beyond the basics of cfsearch. 2011-06-06 16334

FarCry Core Nightly Builds

FarCry Core builds no longer use subversion and can be found on github (including downloadable zips)

For more info on the FarCry framework, check out the Getting Started Guide for FarCry 6.0